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In 2018 our Drummer Sam was diagnosed with testicular cancer which significantly impacted us as a band and people. For the first time in 15 years we needed to cancel shows and hire drummers to fill in while Sam pursued treatment. Thankfully for early detection, Sam is now Cancer free, but many people are not so lucky. During that time Ryan, our Bass player, lost his father to Cancer, which could have been prevented had it been detected earlier. These experiences have opened our eyes to how important it is to talk about these things and do what we can to remove the stigma surrounding checking yourself and looking after yourself. This year we’re raising money and participating to help do what we can to raise awareness.

To participate, this year Shamus will be doing a shave down and growing back his legendary stache. Also if we raise $10K Ryan will shave his beard into a mustache which is a pretty big deal as he hasn’t shaved his face since 2006. We will also be doing some other fun activities over the month to do what we can to raise as much awareness and money as we can.

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