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The Sheepdogs

  • The Sheepdogs

    • Tracklisting:
    1. Laid Back

    2. Feeling Good

    3. Alright OK

    4. Never Gonna Get My Love

    5. Ewan's Blues

    6. The Way It Is

    7. Javalina!

    8. I Need Help

    9. Is Your Dream Worth Dying For

    10. How Late, How Long

    11. Sharp Sounds

    12. In My Mind

    13. While We're Young

    14. It Aint Easy To Go

    Release Date: September 04, 2012
    Tracks: 14
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Release date: 
Sep 04, 2012
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okanaganer's picture

Cant wait to welcome the sheepdogs back to kelowna in December. I am proud to announce that their show will be my little girl's first rock show. We are so happy to have our four year old be so into music... good music that is.
Thank you guys. You give me hope.

brif111's picture

The 1970's had The Band. Today we have the Sheepdogs. Pay attention everyone music history is being made. Good doggy, Good boys..........

ponchobill's picture

In My Mind is a great driving tune. Very psychedelic. Please play

ngsweeney's picture

Loving the album - you've got a winner here! Especially love the ELO-esk chorus on track 4. You guys coninue to get better and better. Can't wait to see you in Halifax! Enjoy your US tour!!

Barrett22's picture

Pure gold. Excited for Nov. 22! Going to be hard to top your last show on the rock but I'm sure it won't disappoint! Much love from Newfoundland

idiotpoet's picture

Will Wieler, I think you confirm what I say."I heard this track and thought the Black Keys put out a kick ass track" They are The Sheepdogs, not The Black Keys, my point. The Sheepdogs are not raw, they, I hope, are the ressurection of true good time rock and roll. Either way, seems you and I both love it.

ozone_baby's picture

every single song on here is great from beginning to end, that is music for your soul

Will Wieler's picture

Idiotpoet knows not of what he speaks, track #6 is raw and should be the single of the album. Love the edgy blues sound, I heard this track and thought the black keys put out a kick ass track but turns out to be the dogs, nice work!

idiotpoet's picture

#14 It Ain't Easy to Go.(The Best "and new"), #1,9,10 are what you guys are. The rest is good except #6, "The Way It It Is" I said's not Sheepdogs music...the video sucks too. I remain your biggest fan and critic.
sarasota tony

O'Bannon's picture

Just got your new album in the mail signed by The Sheepdogs!! Thank you Sheepdogs! Going to frame it with the vinyl below or beside it with my ticket from this week's show in Toronto! I hope Your setlist is 20 songs min. but it looks like your going with a 12-14 which is not enough SHEEPDOGS in my mind.

shaggy_bawls's picture

this album gets better every time I listen to it, cant wait to see these guys next sat in Toronto

cactus's picture

Finnaly awekening time.After long years of gaps with punk,disco-techno-drum-and-bass and metal ,with Sheepdogs and the others CREATIVE hard-rock is coming back with all its pomp and glory

ponchobill's picture

Great licks and tight jams. Cant wait to see you back in Sudbury. I'm just wondering if you allow taping and free trade of your live shows? Like most other fantastic rock bands do.

christian71's picture

This is my favorite track!
See you guys in Patchogue tomorrow night!

Richer's picture

Amazing stuff !

Rich's picture

I saw you at the Hop Farm Festival in the UK a couple of months ago. I didn't catch all your set but I remembered the band name and bought Learn and Burn from itunes a few days later. Love the sound, and this album sounds like it's gonna be another winner! Keep it up lads.

Marcello's picture

Sound is great! Hope to see you soon in Europe.

lizziebaby's picture

saw you guys at wakarusa and lolla, both shows were awesome! i love your sound. keep up the awesome work and come to st. louis!!!

liamgentile's picture


TanyaGallant's picture

Sounds perfect guys! Love the new tracks! Keep up the great work ...cant wait to see ya back on the East Coast :)

connr19's picture

Great album guys, keep it up!! :D