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The Sheepdogs

  • The Sheepdogs

    • Tracklisting:
    1. Laid Back

    2. Feeling Good

    3. Alright OK

    4. Never Gonna Get My Love

    5. Ewan's Blues

    6. The Way It Is

    7. Javalina!

    8. I Need Help

    9. Is Your Dream Worth Dying For

    10. How Late, How Long

    11. Sharp Sounds

    12. In My Mind

    13. While We're Young

    14. It Aint Easy To Go

    Release Date: September 04, 2012
    Tracks: 14
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Sep 04, 2012
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Andreas's picture

Great album by an awesome band! European tour in the near future??

Deborah Diduck's picture

I was lucky enough to attend the Sheepdogs family concert at Rendezvous Days in Whitehorse. You put on a great show!!!! When I returned to Victoria I tried to buy tickets for your performance at the Stathcona. Got home too late to get tickets in time. Am I ever glad that I bought The Sheepdogs and Five Easy Pieces CD's. The only thing that stopped me from buying Learn and Burn was a decrease of financial resources. I have been listening to the CD's over and over today and they get better with each listen. I am so impressed at the songwriting abilities of Ewan Currie and the performances ALL of the band. You gentleman make me proud to be from Saskatoon. I look forward to more wonderful music from you all. Brought back some great memories of my old days in Saskatoon and working in the "bar scene".

iamthejake's picture


Eastcoaster 70s's picture

You guys have a great sound. Reminds me a lot of The Steve Miller Band of the 70's. Keep up the great work and you will become very successful. There are still a hundred million people who like bluesy classic rock music.

Canadaian Dave's picture

I am old. I am not gold but most times I can be. I am not understood, but most times I want to be.
Tears have come where smiles will be, I could be sad, but hell I'm better off happy.
I see old age comin like a sand storm on the priairies...
It was a long way off back then and really was'nt as scary..
These dayz its a darkened world oh its such a crazy world...
So lets all stop shoutin' out commands and do whats right...ya lets do whats right..
Give out a Helpin Hand...
Ya lets smile and give out a Helpin Hand ...
Just sayin .....
Canadian Dave : ))
A member of the Dawg Pack ( Okanagan BC )
Sheep Dawgs " Keep on Running N Strummin "

From an ol Dawg to the new ones
Love you guys.
The Okanagan has a great outdoor venue we need to get you guys here !!!Wish us Luck

ponchobill's picture

Still not showing the August 24th show in Sudbury, but it's happening. I was the first in line to buy tix and i scored a pair, front row centre. " I'm crying out for my favourite song!!!" it can't come soon enough.

idiotpoet's picture

Thanks BUDFROG, have not thought about Savoy Brown for a long time. Was it really that long ago? YUP

budfrog5977's picture

Love you guys. I'm 53 years old and a lot of your music reminds me of old Savoy Brown tunes from the '70s

ponchobill's picture

Have fun with Furthur at All Good. I always thought you guys belonged in " the scene ". Very deadhead friendly.

Potuson's picture

You guys were great at the Juno's. Great to meet you at the Warner party. Bring that sh$t down to Charlotte NC!! I was taking a picture with my family (Woods of Ypres), saw your red carpet picture happen and ruined our picture, awesome!!

Box Car Willie's picture

Excuse my language. Neighbors to the North! I will start the Michigan chapter of the Sheepdogs fan club... if need be... first meeting... This Friday! Must bring Oberon and a neat factoid about the Sheepdogs... My factoid is my previos comment. Keep on rockin brothers! Thank you!

Box Car Willie's picture


idiotpoet's picture

I am curious. What is an interchangeable track? My view is that "The way it is" a departure from what got this band to where they are. Nothing before the "Cover" was like that. I think they should do more of what got them here. If retro is why it happened, why revert to the present and be influenced.

kaley's picture

'the way it is' is an interchangeable track and i love the whole album overall. please do a show in Regina!

FayRah's picture

I first heard you on the radio when I visited my home town of Ottawa last summer. I love your music and think you guys are just fanstastic. I've been in Germany for 12 years and nobody has ever heard of you here! I was so excited that you are coming to Germany. Unfortunately, the only show I could make it to in Munich (I live near Stuttgart) is on a weekend I'm away skiing. I'm still trying to make arrangements to drive back from my ski-weekend, and with babysitters, etc. ... to make sure I make it to your show in Munich.

Traci_HML's picture

Javelina! (along with the rest of your songs) restores my faith in music today. Amazing, amazing, amazing!

okanaganer's picture

We saw the December 2012 show is kelowna. This show had great sound. Loud enough on every part. The vocals were great along with everything else. My four year old had no problems picking out all her favorite songs and I even caught her singing along. The vocals were great. Thanks for the great show

colt45's picture

Bought all 3 Sheepdogs CDs and its been nonstop happiness in my ear holes!! Finally an original band with talent.

idiotpoet's picture

Chris...You forgot the Beatles.

Zeppelingrungerocker's picture

Yes Sorry I did forget the beatles.
I forgot alot of bands but didn't want to list every group I Like or I woulda been there all day.

Sheepdogs baby
Revitalizing the blues rock sound. Super jacked for this group just hope they keep there roots judging by what I've seen from them they seem like deep rooted Prairie boys.

Zeppelingrungerocker's picture

Hey guys this isn't a questions it's a statement. Just wanted to let you  know that I'm a 29yr old for toronto Ontario and I'm a  hardcore Zeppelin fan/grunge rocker as well.  I  just appreciate the  blues Rock sound immensely and wanted you guys to no,  music has been lost with all this Hollywood rock and heartless melodies.  It's  finally happened a few boys from the prairies has brought the sweet rifts and great southern rock sound back. God bless you guys, seriously. I've been so frustrated with how music has been the past decade and have anxiously been waiting for hick boys as yourself lol I mean that with all respect.  Keep rocking hard and singing from the heart and you guys will keep a solid fan base and live a fun filled life and everything will come into place.

Southern rock
Christian Conservative Attitude. Lol

Keep it up boys

Chris Z

1 Zeppelin
2 Eagles
3 beach boys
4 soundgarden
5 pearl jam
6 stp
7 blind melon
8 skynard
9 metallica
10 CCR
11 steve miller band

Hard to pick in order!!!

Please return when you have time !!!

Sent from the Christian conservative

Don Klepp's picture

Another fine album.
Unfortunately, your Dec. 18 show in Kelowna lacked the quality that your music deserves. The sound man had the bass and drums cranked up so high that we couldn't hear the vocals. That's a crying shame, because Ewan Currie's vocals and the band's harmonies are simply superb on the albums. All we really got in Kelowna was thump-thump and some soaring, searing guitar solos. So, find a sound man who's not deaf, guys! I must admit that a lot of testoserone-driven guys in the audience lapped it up, but I suspect that they were operating to some extent on imprinted Sheepdog songs heard (and no doubt memorized) from hundreds of listens on their earbuds.

AndrewRauh's picture

Just saw you guys perform in Thunder Bay, Dec 10th 2012. Best show I have been to. I love the feel of your music, the vibe you give out to your fans, and the high quality of music you produce. Keep it up! this is what the music industry needs, good original rock!! Don't ever change your groovy rock sound!!

RhondaMichael's picture

Would have love to have you come to Knoxville or Nashville,Tennessee. I think you were in Knoxville but I had to work. Love your music and always requesting your songs to be played in second life. Who knows maybe you will do a concernt there haha.

jshape's picture

These guys played Sat night 12/1 at the Tin Roof in downtown Indy and f'n roooooooooocked. And it was free! We Hoosiers love you guys! Like these guys below say, keep coming back to the Midwest. You're exactly what we want - classic rock with face-melting guitar and mind-blowing jams that make you want to shake your ass, get drunk, and smoke somethin'!! I'm sure this will be the last time I get to see you guys for free. Keep it up, stay true to your roots, and don't go ruin yourselves when you become big stars (like the f'n Kings Of Leon).

idiotpoet's picture

Hey Hoosiers, an Indiana boy myself yet 30 years removed. Saw these guys in Florida 1 year ago at a freebie in the panhandle. If guided correctly, a US tour as the lead is a possibility. Will that will happen? "I Don't Know"

hoosiers's picture

Get down to Indiana and play some shows...Hit up bloomington or Indy. You will blow up in the Midwest.

tangerine's picture

Absolutely one of the greatest band of all time. New album is outstanding! I love you guys and can't wait to see you in December!!

AdamShelton's picture

i fucking love you guys. keep on makeing that sweet music

benny25's picture

You're growing in the UK guys, get back over here!!